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The 1-minute motivation:

I think that navigating from one file to another using a CVS tree browser like ViewCVS, bonsai, CVSWeb, etc. is rather cumbersome. When I come across an identifier I'm not familiar with in one source file, I go look for the source file that defined it. By the time I get there, though, my train of thought has usually lost some momentum; sometimes, if I'm chasing a thread of 5 or 6 different files, I totally lose track of what I was after.  :-P°°°

The idea is to maintain some visual context across those transitions, and also to keep the directory structure in memory on the client side so that it's quick to navigate. Also, <back> and <forward> move you between the files that you're interested in, rather than the directory listings.

There's also some server-side perl to generate the rdf.

To come (n.b.: bug pages)

  • tab support for the right pane (bugs in mozilla are keeping this from working right, at the moment)
  • full client-side xul UI for all the functionality of something like ViewCVS. I have this idea for doing a diff-viewer that handles differential scrolling for you, but then maybe I should quit this while I'm ahead (while it's still nice and simple).
  • transition to the new outliner syntax
  • decide on an approach for client-side security issues (installed as chrome or not?)
  • security audit for the perl (open->sysopen, to start)
  • ? suggestions and code welcome

There's a short description of the UI on the screenshots page


mozcvs released (!)

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